The backbone of our cuisine is the nature of Bornholm – the wild as well as the cultivated. We care for the traditions, yet strive to renew. We are ambitious and thorough, yet we will always be playful and ever exploring. Our cuisine is regional, yet we are inspired by the whole world.


Roxie is the informal, cozy, and yet ambitious little sister restaurant of the Kadeau Family. We have our roots deep within the gastronomical universe of Kadeau, but we also find our inspiration from beyond the Nordic region.


PONY is Kadeau’s unpretentious and playful bistro - a simpler take on the Nordic kitchen with a sharp focus on taste and quality ingredients.

Kadeau at home

Kadeau at Home is Kadeau’s private dining and catering unit. We cater everything from big functions and conferences to small parties, buffets, gourmet dinners, and events, either off-site or at our own venue in Copenhagen.


Nordlandet is our charming little hotel, located on the very top of Bornholm with the sea and rocks as its closest neighbours. This is also where you will find our restaurants PONY x Nordlandet and Underbar.

Brohuset ved Hammershus

Brohuset at Hammershus​ is the visitor-center of Hammershus, the largest castle-ruins in northern Europe. Here you’ll find both a gift shop, café and Solveig, our lunch restaurant serving traditional Danish “smørrebrød”.

Bornholms Mosteri

Bornholms Mosteri is our juice mill in Bornholm. We make delicious organic fruit juice and nectar while creating jobs for socially marginalized people. We take pride in purifying the original taste of the raw materials to foster the potential of both the ingredients and our employees.

Kadeau Food Concepts

Consultancy with one of the world’s most influential restaurant brands behind it.